Making Lives Better!

CMFIT GLOBAL GROUP has earned the trust and loyalty of our clients and donors by providing consistent quality services, including but are not limited to:

  • Assistance to persons with disabilities
  • Care for senior communities
  • Provision of care for children with autism, including diet monitoring, medical therapy, care plan designing, and research
  • Fighting against cancer through curable therapy programs and researches
  • Fighting against poverty in local communities in the US and around the world by providing low-income families with affordable housing, non-profitable mortgage loans, free of taxes and interests enabling them to save money for the children’s education and health care
  • Fighting against HIV/AIDS, cancer, and other sexually transmitted diseases (STD) in our local community through education
  • Promoting international awareness to fight poverty, HIV/AIDS, STDs, tuberculosis, malaria, yellow fever, cancer, and others through counseling and medical research
  • Clean water programs for low-income households in Africa, South America, and Asia
  • Rehabilitation programs for individuals suffering from alcohol and drug abuse in the US and around the world
  • Environmental Health
    Environmental health is a vital aspect of the comprehensive public health system. Professionals in the field work on advancing policies and programs that can reduce chemical and other damages in the air, water, soil, and food. The sector protects the people and provides communities with a livable environment. With that, the CMFIT Global Health Consulting supports such progressive action. Coming Soon…
  • Public Health
    Public health is crucial to aid and prolong life. With prevention and awareness, individuals can spend more of their years healthily. Public health helps detect health issues as early and responds immediately and appropriately to avoid disease development. For that reason, CMFIT Global Health Consulting is in support of such a beneficial mission. Coming Soon…
  • Life Science and Medicine Research
    Life Science and Medicine Research lets us witness disease processes and allows the development of therapeutics and innovative medical devices, resulting in human health improvement. Hence, the CMFIT Global Health Consulting supports such an important endeavor. Coming Soon…
  • Innovative Technology
    Technological innovation benefits many. It increases productivity and brings citizens modern and futuristic goods and services that improve the lifestyles of many. That is why the CMFIT Global Health Consulting supports such a vision. Coming Soon…

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