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In 2007, The Charity Medical Foundation & IT Inc. (CMFIT) is DBA for NJOH Medical Foundation & International Trade Incorporated (NMFITI) . Its mission is to promote social and economic development in the United States and third-world countries.

In the United States, we socially and economically assist families with:

  • Low Income
  • The Homeless
  • Veterans

In third-world countries, we provide the underprivileged with:

  • Access to Clean Water
  • Green Electricity
  • Promote the social, economic, cultural, sport, health and educational awareness.
  • Innovative Technology
  • Life Insurance
  • Personal Fitness Trainer
  • Consultancy Advisory to World and Business’ Leaders
Best of 2019 Cincinnati Award

Charity Medical Foundation & IT Inc. (CMFIT) DBA NJOH Medical Foundation & International Trade Incorporated (NMFITI) 501c3
2019 Best of Cincinnati Award in the Nonprofit Institutions category by the Cincinnati Award Program.
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This great, big world is too vast for a single helping hand. Help us broaden these ripples of kindness by offering even a penny to spare. Your donations are sure to reach far with the sincere generosity you bestow to millions of people in need. Donate today!

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